Thursday, 26 July 2012

How do you train for skimo races? Roller skiing!

That’s the second most asked question I get, after "what is skimo?". Well, it's not an easy one to answer in a blog post. For training to take you to the next level you need a plan. I have a coach that's set up a training plan for me. If you can, it is best to have someone other than yourself set up the training plan and supervise your training so that you do not over train.

Las Lenas, Argentina - It's winter there right now!

One thing that is hard to simulate in the northern hemisphere at this time of year is snow. There are things that can be done about this. Option one: travel to the southern hemisphere and train there. Option two: travel to Europe and ski underground in a tunnel. Option three: ski on the Haig Glacier with the Canadian cross-country and biathlon teams.

Or, Option four: roller skiing. Roller what!?! Why roller ski? It is a good way to use the same muscle groups as one would use during ski touring. As a bonus, after you are setup with equipment it is relatively inexpensive. It is also low impact, which is good to mix into your training to save your legs and body some abuse. Roller skiing is very common among nordic athletes. But because skimo is a newer sport, roller skiing is not yet common among skimo athletes. 

I opted for a classic setup over a skate setup to more closely mimic the movements done during a skimo race. Other necessary gear includes a bike helmet, poles, ski boots, and gloves (if you plan on crashing a lot). After about two weeks of on and off use, a few falls, and lots of stares from motorists, I have started to get the technique down.  I found that these clips helped me a lot: 

Go get yourself some roller skis, and get out and train!

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