Saturday, 2 February 2013

Happy 125th Birthday Julbo!

Just wanted to share these cool retro glasses Julbo is releasing for their 125th Birthday. They are a version of Vermont glacier glasses updated with some modern lenses, and I think they look pretty awesome. But if these don't do it for you, Julbo has a lot of other great frames in their line up.

125th anniversary Mythic Vermont glacier glasses
I've been using the Dust frames for training and racing and I really like them. The half frames vent well and look fast.

I've also been using the Whoops. They are great for smaller (or skinnier) faces. They have a tighter fit, a more casual look, and are great for skiing on really sunny days.

Both of the frames I have are equipped with photochromic NXT lenses, and I'd say that the lenses are the feature that really shine with Julbos.

Julbo makes many different lenses for many applications, and I've been using the Zebra and the Camel. The Zebra lens is great for low-light, rainy training days because it lets in more light. The Camel has been my go to lens for really sunny days out on the snow because it has a darker tint and polarized lens. They are both photochromic so there is some adjustment back and forth as the light conditions change. But for me, the best feature is the quality of the lens optics. I've had more than one friend try them on and say:"Wow, these make my vision better."

Julbo Dust, one of my favourite frames.

If you are in the market for some new shades or goggles check out Julbo. I think you will be happy you did - I was!

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