Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My South American Ski Trip - in photos!

I just got back from South America - what a great place to do some spring ski mountaineering! Here are a few photos from the trip. I will be posting some short trip reports from some of my favourite ski days in the coming months.

Looking off the back side of Cerro Catedral on the way to
Refugio Frey.
Lots of fun ski touring to be had from Refugio Frey.

Emilio holding the fort down.

The German town centre of Bariloche, Argentina.

Next, off to Chile!

First stop was Volćan Puyhue with its lack of snow.

A change of plans and we were off to
Volćan Villarrica and its steaming crater. 

Weather moved in on Volćan Villarrica
just as we finished skiing it.

Aimee on the way up Volćan Llaima in the early morning

Lots of wind affected snow on Llaima.

Aimee skiing off the top of Volćan Llaima
in high winds and on styrofoam snow.

Volćan Llaima after a successful ski descent.

Monkey Puzzle trees grow all around
the lower slopes of Llaima.

Nothing breaks up long drives through Argentina like
feeding roadside animals.

There was not a lot of snow left around Bariloche
by the time we got back from Chile.

So we did lots of walking with skis on our backpacks...

But there was still some fun skiing at López Trees.
Can you tell?
Looking down on the town of El Bolsón
from the top of Cerro Piltriquitron.

Home-brewed beers at Refugio Piltriquitron after a fun run
down from the summit.

What the end to another great day in Argentina looks like.

Time to say goodbye and walk back to the road.
 I wish this guy could come with me.

We found a fun race for the last day of skiing in SA. 

Now that's what you call being in the pain cave!

The long trip home started with a 20 hour bus ride,
 but it all went well.

What an amazing place, I will be back!

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