Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Where to get Race Skins?

People are curious about race skins and where to get them, and so I thought I'd put together a post on what I've found on the interwebs during my own quest to track some down.

By "race skins", I mean climbing skins that are 100% mohair, around 62mm in width, and which work on all types race skis (for example, I have not included SkiTrab skins, because their proprietary tip connector will not fit on other makes of skis).

All prices are in Canadian dollars without shipping or tax unless otherwise stated. If sold by the metre, the price is calculated for 3 meters in the 62mm width.

- La Sportiva RSR Race = These are actually Pomoca skins, with a tip connector for $124.95 US
- Pomoca Race Pro         = With tip connector for $138.95 US

- CAMP 100% Mohair Skins = 62mm width with tip connector for $174.95 US, or buy by the metre for $113.85 US and install your own tip connector.

Telemark Pyrenees
- Colltex Race PDG   = With tip connector for $98.50
- Pomoca Race Skins = $79.86 with out tip connector. Note: Pomoca Race Skins are shown as out of stock right now.

Vertical World
- Colltex Race PDG = Without tip connector for $78.91 for 3 metres.
- Pomoca Race         = Without tip connector for $66.29 for 3 metres.

Happy skin shopping!

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