Saturday, 27 October 2012

Rocker: it's not just for powder skis!

It's cool to see all the innovation and new gear that is being developed for Skimo racing. One of the coolest things that I have noticed this year is rockered race skis.

Rocker was first appeared on the Volant Spatula in 2002, and now features in almost every type of ski from powder to carving. Rocker goes by meany names but the one that I think explains it best is "early rise tip." One of the advantages of rocker is that it helps keep your tips up and on top of the snow while skiing off piste

With short and narrow skimo skis this can be a challenge, and you end up having to get way in the back seat to get your tips up. This puts you in a bad position to react to the terrain and increases the burn in your legs. With rockered skis you should be able to stay more centred over your skis, save energy, and keeping a strong ski position.

Dynastar Pierra Menta RC
Dynastar's new race ski, the Pierra Menta Rocker Carbon, is one of the new rockered race skis. At 690gr, they are super light as well. Here's what Dynastar has to say about the rocker: 

"A fairly long, progressive tip-only rocker for improved terrain absorption and impeccable flotation in powder. Ski rotation is facilitated making fore/aft balance easier and reducing muscle fatigue off-piste. The flat tail means you don't lose the tail pressure required for high speed Freeride or off-piste jump landings."

Atomic's rockered race ski is the Ultimate and it weighs in at 700gr. Atomic's literature is very similar:
From Atomic
Unfortunately I have not had an opportunity to ski either of these skis so I cannot give feedback on how they ski. If you have been on either of these, or just have a favourite Skimo ski, leave a comment and let us know about them!

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